We are developing a new service called pokepay, a service that allows users to easily create their own electronic money using their smartphones.

We are looking for engineers with experience in Fintech and web service development to join our team.

## Job Description
* Mainly backend development of services using Rust.
* We are developing GraphQL API.
* We are currently working on a team style where both backend and frontend (Flutter) developers can participate in the development without any distinction. However, You will be mainly in charge of backend development.
* 2 remote workdays per week and 3 office workdays per week. The office is located near Mita and Tamachi stations in Tokyo.
* However, if you currently live abroad and cannot participate for other reasons, you can go fully remote until you relocate to Japan. We can also support you with a work Visa.
* We are a multinational, English-speaking team (examples of nationalities include Japan, Italy, USA, Philippines, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, Russia, etc.)

## Required experience and skills
* At least 3 years of back-end experience in web systems
* Knowledge of databases and development experience
* Rust coding skills (even as a hobby)
* English communication
* Understanding of front-end as well.

## Experience that would be welcome
* Familiarity with OSS development style (mainly discussion/PR on issues on github)
* Familiarity with documentation culture (to run well remotely)
* Experience and intuition in implementing services using GraphQL
* Basic DevOps knowledge, including how to handle k8s

## The main technology stacks in the project are.
* Rust (backend, firmware)
* Flutter (frontend, Web Mobile_App)
* GKE, PostgreSQL, Redis, GraphQL